Book Covers

I researched a lot about creating book covers.  It’s really hard to sift through all the information to find out who really can create an amazing cover at an affordable cost.   For authors on a budget, I think the best one can do is understand what makes a good cover and then find someone experienced enough to do it, without directing them too much. Some reasonable advice I’ve heard came from Derek Murphy’s blog:[] is that the author should not instruct the designer and just let them be creative. However, this creativity should be in line with what’s market for your genre.  So that’s easy enough right?  I’m joking.  If it were easy we’d all be Hugh Howeys… So I recommend looking at examples of best sellers in your genre to get a sense of what your cover should look like.   Finally, I think the best advice out there comes from Chip Kidd. His TED talks are amazing.  He’s the oracle of book covers. [].






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