Movie Reviews

My book editing is coming along (I assume) and will hopefully be complete by April 1.  Hopefully, that’s not a joke.   From there, I need to have it formatted and get some reviews of the book and then start marketing.  From researching about book marketing, it looks like a mix of advertising and trying to develop this thing called an author platform.  To some extent that is what I am trying to do here.  One word of advice that I have been mulling over is that if you write blog posts for other writers, those writers are not necessarily your book’s audience.  I get that.  Then, the question remains, what to post about?  This is my author site and I’m still working on my book.  So, my answer is to write some sci fi movie reviews. I’m a sci-fi writer after all, and I love science fiction movies.  I don’t have time to read, so I can’t really write a bunch of book reviews.  My only hesitation is that as a working mother of three, I also don’t get out much and certainly don’t have time to see new release movies.  So, my reviews may be dated, but in this age of Netflix and OnDemand movies, I’m sure there are others that may be interested in hearing my thoughts on all the fun science fiction movies out there. I begin…

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