KDP to Select or Not to Select?

When my 90 days are up on KDP Select, I am considering moving my book to other distribution channels.  Basically, what I lose is the ability to offer Part 1 for free on certain days w/in a 90 day period.  I’m thinking I’m willing to do that since Part 2 will be out shortly and while the free downloads gave Part 1 a rankings boost, there are always other free books doing the same every day, so I’m not sure it really helps overall.  I mean, .99 cents isn’t much these days and certainly not cost prohibitive to most readers. So, I’m considering putting Part 1 up on Nook and Smashwords and I guess we’ll see how it goes. Additionally, I’m already looking for beta readers for Part 2 who can receive an advance copy if they e-mail me at amcunning@outlook.com.

First Marketing Campaign

My first marketing campaign was a success. When the Earth Had a Moon climbed the Kindle free rankings all the way to # 2 in two categories of science fiction. It was really exciting to see that.  However, this marketing business has a steep learning curve and I think I bumbled my way through it the best I could, submitting the book to lots of free giveaway sites. The hope is that it develops an audience for future releases and creates some visibility for my book. I worked hard on sending out review requests and I’m happy to have received several positive reviews. Now I’m reading more about how to market and it’s still pretty much the same advice that I heard at the San Francisco’s Writer’s Conference, you have to build an “author platform” with a website, sales and followers. It’s a real Catch-22 problem for new authors who don’t know what a platform even is, I mean, I barely understand how WordPress works. It’s one step at a time and I’m learning. I guess this is a marathon, not a race. My book was # 2 in Hard Science fiction (free) yesterday and 500 today. I lowered the price to .99 cents and will do that for September, I think. The good thing about this marketing stuff is that at least it’s something I care to do. I want to share my work and I hope it entertains people. If I could be 100% self-employed doing this, I’d be very content, so for as hard as this is, it’s a learning process. I just hope that I learn it quickly…