When the Earth Had a Moon Character List (with a few hints about Part 2)

Here is my draft character list, which I thought people might find interesting and it contains a few hints about Part 2.


A gifted young scientist working on the first moon base becomes disillusioned after his fiancé is killed, his life’s work is destroyed, and is accused of being a traitor.



Belinda Eriksson

Senator Eriksson-Schultz

(Commander) Ed

Cyril – Russian shuttle pilot

Dana – FF love interest

Feng Feng Vang

[Major] Savalas

Helen – tech specialist (Ed’s other interest)


Ilya (Commander’s Guard)

(Captain Jack)


Junjie – Chinese crew member on the Russian Station


Kristen – uncle’s third wife

Li Ling – another co-worker friend from the base

Lucas – base medic

Mei Wan

[Staff Sergeant] Nealey

Sara – Uncle’s 2nd wife


Dr. O (Ahmyetgali)  Otkupshchikov – Volga Tatar/Russian

Oki – Japanese fisherman/whaler – rescuer



Rex Kanin

Sergei Lazarev


[Commander ] Pietr Usov – Russian Space Station commander

Vasiliy (Russian President)

Dr. Weber – vet

Wes – Ed’s 2nd in command

Xaio – Chinese lab co-worker on space station


Yuri – Russian food counter guy

President Song Qing– President of PRC

[Captain] Dmitry Zankov  – Captain of Russian Frigate


Space Station Map

6th Floor = storage and docking

5th Floor = sleep pods, crew quarters, showers

4th Floor = cafeteria, kitchen

3rd Floor = control room, lab

2nd Floor = lounge, gym, greenhouse

1st Floor = medical area/engineering/air ducts etc







KDP to Select or Not to Select?

When my 90 days are up on KDP Select, I am considering moving my book to other distribution channels.  Basically, what I lose is the ability to offer Part 1 for free on certain days w/in a 90 day period.  I’m thinking I’m willing to do that since Part 2 will be out shortly and while the free downloads gave Part 1 a rankings boost, there are always other free books doing the same every day, so I’m not sure it really helps overall.  I mean, .99 cents isn’t much these days and certainly not cost prohibitive to most readers. So, I’m considering putting Part 1 up on Nook and Smashwords and I guess we’ll see how it goes. Additionally, I’m already looking for beta readers for Part 2 who can receive an advance copy if they e-mail me at amcunning@outlook.com.